Which Industries and Equipment are High Manganese Castings Mainly Used in?


The national standards (GB/T5680-1998) of China's high […]

The national standards (GB/T5680-1998) of China's high manganese steel castings are: ZGMn13-1, ZGMn13-2, ZGMn13-3, ZGMn13-4, ZGMn13-5.

High manganese castings are produced by sand casting, V-method casting, lost foam casting and other processes. They are widely used in mining, smelting, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

The following describes the application of high manganese castings in different industries and equipment:

1. Construction machinery and equipment: loader, bulldozer, excavator, bucket plate, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade and bumper plate.

2. Loading and unloading mechanical equipment: unloading mill chain plate, hopper lining plate, grab blade plate, and bucket plate of medium-sized automatic dump truck.

3. Construction machinery and equipment: tooth plate of cement pusher, lining plate of concrete mixer, lining plate of mixing building and lining plate of dust remover.

4. Metallurgical mechanical equipment: iron ore sintering conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining board, scraper lining board.

5. Mining machinery and equipment: toothed plate, hammer head, mortar wall crushing wall, plate hammer, ore material, stone crusher lining plate, blade.

6. Other mechanical equipment: sand mill barrel, blades and various wear-resistant parts of port machinery.

7. Thermal power equipment: coal mill lining plate, coal hopper, coal distribution pipe, coal distributor grid plate, coal unloading equipment lining plate.

8. Shot blasting mechanical equipment: shot blasting machine lining board.

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