Wear Resistant Casting Industry Begins to Pay Attention to Environmental Protection Technology


With the increasing enforcement of environmental protec […]

With the increasing enforcement of environmental protection, steel casting manufacturers are forced to pay attention to environmental protection technology, pay attention to the treatment of casting dust, sewage purification, waste sand and waste residue utilization, and develop a variety of casting environmental protection equipment, such as the dust removal cover of vibrating sand falling machine, mobile dust collector, dust purification device, sewage purification and recycling system, dry and wet recycling technology and equipment for casting used sand, technology and equipment for manufacturing composite materials from casting waste sand, slag and waste plastics, etc.

It is an urgent matter to pay close attention to the technological transformation of the casting industry of steel casting manufacturers, strive to improve the quality and grade of castings, and produce high-performance castings for large-scale mechanical equipment. At the same time, great efforts should be made to publicize and promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, green casting and cleaner production. This is not only necessary for enterprises to save energy, reduce consumption, improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve benefits, but also an important way to break through the green barriers set by industrialized countries and firmly occupy the international market.

In addition, far-sighted entrepreneurs actively invest huge sums of money in clean production, technological transformation and development of "green" casting products, and the implementation of international enterprise standards, which is enough to show that improving casting quality and promoting green casting are the development trends of the casting industry in the future.

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