Wear-resistant Alloy Steel is A Kind of Special Performance Steel for Wear Conditions


What is the material of wear-resistant cast steel and w […]

What is the material of wear-resistant cast steel and what are its classifications? Wear-resistant cast steel is cast steel with good wear resistance, which is divided into non-alloy steel castings, low-alloy steel and alloy wear-resistant cast steel according to chemical composition.

Non-alloy steel contains not only carbon but also a small amount of elements such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus, etc. It can be classified into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel according to the mass fraction of carbon.

The mass fractions of carbon in them are respectively lower than 0.25%, medium =0.25%~0.60%, and higher than 0.60%.

According to the main quality grade, it can be divided into ordinary, high quality and special quality non-alloy steel.

Low alloy steel is relative to carbon steel, which is based on carbon steel. In order to improve one or more properties of steel, it is intended to add one or more alloy elements to steel. When the amount of alloy added exceeds the normal content of carbon steel in normal production methods, the steel is called alloy steel. When the total amount of alloy is less than 5%, it is called low alloy steel. The alloy content between 5-10% is called medium alloy steel. More than 10% is called high alloy steel.

Wear-resistant alloy steel is a kind of special performance steel used in wear conditions, which is mainly characterized by high strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance under wear conditions. Strictly speaking, wear-resistant manganese steel also belongs to wear-resistant alloy steel, considering that the domestic and foreign wear-resistant material industries often classify wear-resistant manganese steel into one category.

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