The Lining Board Shall have Good Impact Resistance


Today we will talk about some knowledge of lining board […]

Today we will talk about some knowledge of lining board.

Lining plates are used to protect the cylinder from direct impact and friction of the grinding body and materials. At the same time, different forms of lining plates can be used to adjust the motion state of the grinding body to enhance the grinding effect of the grinding body on the materials, which is helpful to improve the grinding efficiency of the grinding machine, increase the output and reduce the metal consumption.

Lining plate of domestic high manganese steel is gradually replaced by medium alloy steel lining plate, but with the continuous application of medium alloy steel lining plate in ball mill lining plate, it has gradually replaced manganese steel and other lining plates to become the mainstream of market development. In addition to protecting the outside of the cylinder, the liner plate of the cylinder also affects the movement rule of the grinding body. In order to meet the requirements of various working conditions (crushing or fine grinding), the shape of the liner plate is made of different materials. When grinding is the main method, it is required that the lining board has a strong pushing ability to the grinding body, and at the same time, the lining board should have good impact resistance. When fine grinding is the main method, the protruding of the lining board is relatively small, the pushing effect to the grinding body is weak, the impact is small, and the grinding effect is strong. The lining board is required to have good wear resistance.

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