Steel Castings Play an Important Role in Industrial Production


We are all gratified by the gradual growth of steel pro […]

We are all gratified by the gradual growth of steel products. Therefore, the existence of steel castings provides support and help to enrich the steel market. The following is a summary of the basic functions of steel castings.

Steel casting is a part that needs to be used mechanically, and the manufacturing material it uses is cast steel. Its performance is similar to that of cast iron, but its strength is better than that of cast iron.

Steel castings are prone to form porosity defects and inaccurate angular positioning in the casting process. In this way, casing fracture may occur after long-term use. The cast steel in steel castings is the steel used to cast the castings, which is a kind of casting alloy.

However, cast steel is not a single one. It is cast by many ways and materials. Cast steel can be divided into three categories: cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and cast special steel. Cast steel we listen to less cast iron and listen to more. In comparison, cast steel has higher mechanical properties than cast iron, but its casting properties are worse than cast iron because of its higher melting point, easier oxidation of molten steel, poor fluidity of molten steel and large shrinkage.

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