Shenyang Gongda Can Provide High-Quality Wear Resistant Castings and Stainless Steel Castings


Industries such as mining, milling, earth-handling and […]

Industries such as mining, milling, earth-handling and construction require the use of heavy-duty machines that are often subject to intense working conditions resulting in extreme wear and tear. In many cases, equipment wear parts made with wear resistant castings are responsible for extending machine operating life and reducing downtime. These types of castings, for example, provide mining wear parts for a wide range of equipment including crushers, chute liners, mine car wheels and pumps. When resistance to heat or corrosion is needed, wear parts produced with stainless steel provide the solution.

      To be classified as corrosion resistant, stainless steel will contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium to provide additional resistance in aqueous environments where corrosion is a factor. The chromium content enables the formation of a protective film that increases corrosion resistance and, at higher temperatures, improves resistance to oxidation and enhances rupture strength. When classified as corrosion-resistant, stainless steel castings are designed for use in conditions where operating temperatures are below 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

     Heat resistant steel Castings are manufactured for use in environments where operating temperatures exceed 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. They have higher carbon contents, as much as 0.75%, in comparison to corrosion resistant stainless steels. At extreme temperatures, the greater carbon content improves structural strength and reduces ductility.

      Carbon content is what distinguishes heat resistant stainless castings from those that are corrosion resistant. Carbon content must usually be less than 0.20 % for stainless steel castings to perform well in environments that are corrosive.

       The machining of stainless castings is more challenging compared to carbon steel and requires slower cutting speeds and feeds.               Experienced manufacturers such as Shenyang Gongda can provide quality, customized wear resistant castings in abrasion resistant chrome white iron, steel or stainless steel to meet abrasion, corrosion and heat resistant applications.

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