Problems of Steel Castings in Casting Process


Steel Castings are similar to cast iron parts in perfor […]

Steel Castings are similar to cast iron parts in performance, but the strength of steel castings is better. Steel castings are prone to form defects such as air holes and inaccurate angular positioning during casting. The casing will break when used for a long time. Therefore, the steel castings must be tested before they are put into use.

For small and medium-sized steel casting users, direct current method, rod threading method, magnetic flux method and coil method can be used for detection, because such castings, especially investment casting precision castings, are small in volume, light in weight and small in processing capacity, and it is better to use direct current or pulsating direct current for detection. If the casting is large in volume or heavy in weight, it is better for the user to use a portable magnetic particle flaw detector with direct current or half-wave rectification to detect the local part of the casting. Due to the large volume, it is generally appropriate to select and detect in two mutually perpendicular directions.

In the process of testing steel castings, it is better not to test immediately after casting, because steel castings will have casting stress, and some defects such as cracks will delay cracking, so the testing time is preferably one to two days after casting. If the detected defects of steel castings exceed the acceptance standard, they will be rejected, but repair welding can be allowed. Attention should be paid to delay the generation of cracks during repair welding.

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