How to Ensure That Steel Castings Have Qualified Chemical Composition?


The quality production of wear resistant steel casting […]

The quality production of wear resistant steel casting is the production direction that has attracted much attention in the steel market nowadays. shenyang gong da heavy equipment manufacturing co., ltd. is an experienced steel casting production enterprise. the company pays attention to the guarantee production of chemical composition of steel castings. the following is a brief summary.

For the sampling analysis of steel castings, attention should be paid to whether the samples completely produce chemical reactions. Samples such as alloys need to stay for a period of time before accurate results can be obtained.

The staff should also observe the change of chemical composition in the casting furnace at any time during the working process, because even if qualified molten steel stays in the casting furnace for a period of time, the chemical composition will also change, such as manganese, whose composition content will become low in the furnace for a long time. At this time, it is necessary to adopt corresponding solutions to ensure the quality of casting parts.

The company will continue to research and produce steel castings according to the requirements of customers and friends. In order to improve product quality, the company will continue to enrich production technology and fundamentally improve product quality.

Shenyang Gongda Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a prominent and highly recognized manufacturer and supplier of high quality metal castings, founded in 2003, specializes in the production, machining and R&D of wear resistant castings, alloy steel castings and Cu & Al alloy castings for mining, milling, earth handling, building materials, power stations, and other key industries, with an annual production capacity of about 10,000 tonnes.

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