High Manganese Steel Castings Can Provide High Wear Resistance and Impact Resistance


Shenyang Gongda is one of the professional white iron c […]

Shenyang Gongda is one of the professional white iron castings, alloy steel castings and high manganese steel castings' manufacturers & suppliers in China. High manganese steel castings we produce such as jaw plates, cheek plate, mantle, concaves, and hammer heads, liners, etc. have high wear resistance,  impact resistance and high strength, high toughness.


1. High wear resistance and impact resistance

The high-manganese steel parts is scientifically and rationally formulated with alloying elements, so that they has good physical and chemical properties and can withstand great impact strength. In the work, the surface shape of the parts can be maintained for a long time to ensure that the mill can stably increase the output.

2. High strength, high toughness

In the quenching process of high manganese steel parts, they achieve high strength, high hardness and high toughness to meet the wear resistance process requirements


Testing Equipment:

-SPECTRO direct-reading spectroscopy

-Metallographic microscope

-Mechnical performance testing equipment

-Hardness testing equipment

-Dye testing

-Magnetic particles testing device

-Ultrasonic testing equipment


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