High Chrome White Iron Castings has Excellent Wear Resistance


High chrome white iron, has superior abrasion resistanc […]

High chrome white iron, has superior abrasion resistance. It is particularly effective in machinery or equipment that experiences grinding, gouging abrasion or crushing. It can significantly reduce downtime and outlasts AR plate and CCO (by as much as 20 times in the case of CCO) in abrasion resistant applications.It is very good high chrome white iron castings.

     The high level of chromium in high chrome white iron prevents the formation of graphite in the microstructure. Instead of graphite, the carbon in the metal becomes tied up in carbides. These relatively discontinuous chromium-rich, eutectic carbides exist with martensite to make up the microstructure. By controlling the chemistry of the metal and the heat treatment of the castings, toughness and wear resistance can be designed to provide the best end-product for many abrasive applications.

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