Different Types of Wear Mechanisms Require Different Materials and Designs

Different Types of Wear Mechanisms Require Different Materials and Designs

【概要】Wearisacomplexfieldandtherearenumeroustypesofwear.Differenttypes(andcombinations)ofwearmechanismsrequiresdifferentapproachestothematerialselectionanddesign.Whichtypesofweardo wearresistantcastings fal

Different Types of Wear Mechanisms Require Different Materials and Designs

【概要】Wearisacomplexfieldandtherearenumeroustypesofwear.Differenttypes(andcombinations)ofwearmechanismsrequiresdifferentapproachestothematerialselectionanddesign.Whichtypesofweardo wearresistantcastings fal


Wear is a complex field and there are numerous types of wear. Different types (and combinations) of wear mechanisms requires different approaches to the material selection and design. Which types of wear do wear resistant castings fall into?

     Abrasive Wear – occurs when a hard-rough surface slides across a softer surface. Generally, to reduce abrasive wear you need a harder material. Applications include chutes and feed hoppers which see sliding wear.

     Erosive Wear – occurs when particles impact the wear surface. As well the gradual removal of material from cutting and gouging actions, the kinetic energy of the impacting particles in can cause surface work hardening and micro cracking which can result in delamination and spalling. Consideration of material-toughness as well material-hardness as well as plant design e.g. particle Impingement Angle and Velocity are important to controll erosive wear. Applications include pneumatic and hydro conveying, grizzlies, screens, and cyclones.

     Corrosive Wear -This kind of wear is a mixture of corrosion & wear. The mechanical wear can be significantly increased by chemical reaction between the worn material and the corroding medium in the application environment, e.g. Paddle Mixers in Super Phosphate Production. Material Selection is very important to optimise the corrosion-wear properties of the component.

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    We offer a range of wear/abrasion resistant castingls and full heat treatment capability to optimise material properties to meet your requirements.


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